A Metta Prayer

The Pali word “metta” is often translated into English as “loving-kindness”. It’s a Buddhist concept that all of us would do well to embrace. The Urban Dictionary defines “metta” well:

Metta is a sincere wish for the welfare and genuine happiness of all beings, without exception.

Here’s a metta prayer given to me by a yoga teacher at Kripalu. I say it most everyday when I am mindful:

May I be happy.
May I be healthy.
May I ride the waves of my life.
May I be peaceful no matter what I am given.

May we be happy.
May we be healthy.
May we ride the waves of our lives.
May we be peaceful no matter what we are given.

May all be happy.
May all be healthy.
May all ride the waves of their lives.
May all be peaceful no matter what they are given.