My JanSport backpack and I have travelled everywhere together – all across the United States, Germany, Scotland, Italy and right here in lovely Sunderland, Massachusetts. I use it a lot as a ride my bicycle around town to do work and run errands.

I often throw a laptop, a few folders or some boxes to be mailed into my backpack and pedal wherever I need to in our little town. So I was quite sad when the zipper on the pack started to give way. After a while, it could no longer be trusted to hold everything reliably. What to do?!?

Go out an buy another JanSport backpack, of course! I loved my old one, so I went online and found a new one similar to it. I couldn’t find my favorite burgundy color, so I settled for green (my other favorite). It arrived quickly and looked great. As I was unpacking it, I noticed that the JanSport information said simply that all JanSport backpacks come with a lifetime product warranty. So I figured, why not see if they would fix my old one.

This is where JanSport really surprised me. Not only did they make it incredibly easy to send back my old backpack (e.g. no receipt required), they also went above and beyond in fixing the pack. I only reported a problem with the zipper. But they noticed that one of the buckles was broken and replaced it. And they put new pull cords on all the zippers. My old friend is as good as new. So now I can choose burgundy or green, depending on my backpack mood. Thank you, JanSport. You are amazing!