Larry’s Edamame, Corn, Bean Salad

I made up this recipe today for a potluck I was going to. Of course, the inspiration for this salad is the classic corn, bean salad made with a vinaigrette dressing. But lately I’ve been on an edamame kick, so I just HAD to put some in here. Once I did that, the idea of a vinaigrette just didn’t seem right. Then in walked Deeply Roasted Sesame Dressing – a marriage made in heaven.

Yields: 12–16 servings

16 oz. organic shelled edamame (blanched shelled soybeans), frozen
16 oz. organic sweet white (or yellow) corn, frozen
30 oz. organic black beans
1/4 red onion, minced
3 tbs. fresh chopped cilantro
8 oz. smoked tofu (e.g. SoyBoy), diced fairly small
6-8 oz. Deeply Roasted Sesame dressing (e.g. Kewpie Deep Roasted Sesame (at my local River Valley Co-op) or Deeply Roasted Sesame (Japanese Style) Dressing Marinade (from Cindy’s Kitchen available in Whole Foods near the lettuce in the refrigerated produce section))

Now for the easy part. Rinse the frozen veggies in warm water to remove any freezer ice. Rinse the beans. Put all the ingredients into a nice serving bowl, mix it all together and let the flavors blend (in the refrigerator or cold garage during a New England winter) for at least an hour before serving. Then dig in!

I would consider adding a little diced red pepper for color next time. Experiment, play, let me know what works for you.